So Regina Sans Heart…


…cries when repairing her relationship and reconnecting with Snow.

…genuinely apologizes to Belle for all the pain she caused her.

…completely understands why Robin surrendered her heart to Zelena, not even mad, instead lets her feelings reign and kisses the stuffing out of him.

I’m fine.

No character growth to see here or anything.

//whistles off into night

//(by whistles I mean sobs) →


I think this is the first time in the history of “Once Upon a Time” that everyone unanimously and completely despises the villain.
The Wicked Witch has messed with the Big Three ships: Captain Swan, Rumbelle, and Outlaw Queen. Zelena cursed Hook. Stole Regina’s heart. Kidnapped Rumple. She also…


“Snow may be responsible for taking away the love of Regina’s life, but she’s responsible for pushing her toward a new one.” - Eddy Kitsis


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A book by Emma Swan and Regina Mills.

  1. Grab his collar and kiss the hell out of him. →


I realized in this episode just how unnecessary it is for Hook to be in literally any of the scenes or situations he was in today aside from the diner one, except he’s there because everyone has just accepted him and Emma as a packaged deal at this point. He goes where Emma…

So I’m LOVING the Snow Queen development in OUAT to pieces. It’s beautiful. And then for Regina to go and grab life by the horns and take the advise given to her for so long and go after Robin… Gahhh.

Now, can the PLEASE THROW SOME OF THAT BACKSTORY AND DEVELOPMENT TOWARDS MY DEAR HOOK. Like clearly he’s an important character since he’s always with Regina, Emma, Snow, & Charming, so why not give a little more meat??

His basic development from “being a bad guy” to loving Emma and doing good is great. I love that they showed that when the right person shows up in your life, it changes you for the better (hello, Outlaw Queen). But can we give him more than just pining for Emma and being an adorable & persistent flirt?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Hook. I’m a fierce Captain Swan shipper. But give me something.
I thought the “Jolly Roger” episode would shed some more light on his character, but it didn’t. It proved that he is a rock for Emma, that he’d do anything for her and is changing for her - he went back to Ariel/Zelena and confessed his past wrongdoings, something pre-Emma Hook never would have done - but that’s something we already knew about him! That’s not new change.
He needs interaction with other characters. He needs a story line that isn’t just Emma pawning some task off on him and him running to do it because of his adorable love.

Also, besides Rumple killing Milah (which I think was technically a Rumple storyline so nevermind) and the story of his brother dying, what else have we seen about him? We know he cared for Baelfire, we know his brother died from a poison the king sent him to get, and that Milah left Rumple for him.


Idk, someone else talk to me about this, lol. Shed some new light on this that I’m missing or something. :)

Okay rant over.

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